Backup recovery solutions for your Network

Protect your data from system failures

What all things you need to backup

You have different kind of data. You have XL files, word files, images, emails, database of your application software which is spread across your servers and client devices. You have servers and client devices with different operating systems each and every user has got an “environment” with their apps, data and settings. In case of failure or corruption you need to restore back to your old environment within minutes so that your business time is not affected.  Today’s world is increasingly virtual and you need to back up the system state and data inside each virtual machines.

How to avoid duplicate data

  • When you take copies of your data in client pc's and server at different times your network will have lot of duplicate data.
  • Good back up software like Dell EMC, Veritas backup exec has got programs for De-duplication.

Why you need to archive data

Your network has abundance of data. To have faster retrieval of data you need to reduce the search volume. The data you are not regularly accessing should move to archive format especially very old data. So you need archival devices like tape drive and you need appropriate back software with connector licenses.

Disaster recovery solutions

In case natural calamity or a disaster you need to replicate your data to a different geography. Dell EMC, Veritas are providing the same as part of their back up software portfolio. The products like Double take uses a different approach for replication and disaster recovery.

How to backup virtual machines and data inside VM’S

You may have multiple operating systems in your virtualization infrastructure. There will be applications, emails, files and database in each operating systems. You need to take back up these files inside the virtual machines. So you need connectors to back up the same. Virtual infrastructure can be of Vmware, Citrix, or hyper V and you need appropriate connectors for each.

Small Business solutions and promotion bundles

We offer small Business bundles at very attractive price points. Dell EMC Fast back bundle where you can back up 25 windows Pc's at very attractive prices.

How to use Cloud storage as a backup location

You have lot of options for an online storage like amazon S3, Rack space, Go grid, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud etc. They offer 99.999% availability and it makes sense that your data is also kept in one of the cloud storage like this. Modern backup systems provide connectors for the above cloud storage providers to push the data.



  • Backup and recovery
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Disaster recovery
  • Space management
  • Bare-machine recovery
  • Continuous data protection
  • Online database and application protection