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22 things to make your website standout from the rest:

1. Define and focus on your prime target people.

First of all define your prime target visitors. Identify exactly their age, profession, computer awareness and needs. Focus the web site on to them.

2. Give importance to 'Navigation'

Always keep in mind that the visitor of your website is a busy impatient person with lot of engagements all the time. He wants the information needed in no time. Otherwise he will go for other sites. Hence’ navigation’ is very important and make it effective to find out the details of the website very easily.

3. Manage your content.

Websites that do not modify their contents makes a poor impression in the visitor. Keeping wrong and irrelevant information also reduces their image. The content should be modified once in a week or at least once in a month. You can do this by yourself by using content management systems.

4. Use content Management System (CMS)

When websites were made of static HTML pages, and you contact the web developer to modify the content. But now you can't afford the delay. You need to change the content of your Website very often. No doubt, your Website should be on a content manageable platform. You need to add pages of your own and change the look and feel of the pages according to the change in products and services. Depending on your requirement and nature of business you can opt content manageable platform like Dotnetnuke, Joomla, Drupal, Cake PHP, Wordpress etc. for your Website.

5. Treat website as a marketing tool.

Identify your website as a tool for your branding, advertising, marketing and promotion. Make it more attractive to achieve these goals.

6. Always go for simplicity.

In fact a website is nothing but a presentation of information. When the presentations become simple they become powerful. Good websites will have simple layouts and organized content. They will also have smooth navigation to go through the details.

7. Use metadata effectively for search.

The basic elements of the structure of a web site are its meta data,navigation and search facility. The basic information of a document is called Meta data. Example: Publication date, Author’s name, keywords, title and summary. Searches are carried out based on Meta data.

8. Try to make your site more interactive.

For that you need to include your complete contact information in the site. Give your physical location map and address. It helps to create goodwill to your organization and products if you use on-line communication options like chat, discussion board etc. Try to reply to questions and enquiries and any other type of feedbacks without delay.

9. Try to avoid unnecessary graphics and multimedia.

In fact your more serious visitors do not like these. A logo that comes to focus after unnecessary acrobatics, grandly presented hit counters, animated email box, scrolling text etc. are not considered to be the elements of a professional website. You will not see them in world’s most successful websites. These are methods to entertain rather than to give information. They try to cover up important information in most cases.

10. Sustain your visitors for long.

If you send an email newsletter regularly to your visitor you can capture and sustain him for long.

11. Give your site a great look and feel.

Besides making the content effective it is important to give your site a

Great look and feel. If your website looks poor your organization will also be treated as poor. Because it is by looking at the information about a company they are evaluated. Remember you can make feel an organization great by its site’s look and feel even though it may not be that great actually.

12. Make your site more and more inviting.

People consider a website as a technical stuff. In fact it is a communication medium. The information contained in it should be always appealing to the visitor. Otherwise he will reach straight away to the’ back’ button. Typography, lay out, color and effects images are all factors that make a site inviting.

13. Make your visitor confident.

You need to take into confidence the person visiting your site. Only

Those who are 100%professional can take up the challenge. This quality of confidence cannot be created by startling graphics and hollow words. If one has to give his personal data like email to your site you must create the confidence. Remember that in so many web sites you are visiting you enter your personal data only to some of them.

14. Make your website always live.

Your website must be renewed now and then. It will make your visitors think that your firm is a live one. Not only the content, the look and feel should also be modified. The site must be tuned according to the new trends.

15. Always be realestic.

Present yourself as a realistic organization through your web site. Use realistic images, talk realistically and offer realistic things. People will take a company serious if only it is realistic.

16. Use home page effectively.

The homepage of your site is major challenge. You cannot present all the information in the home page. The 20% most critical information can be presented there. Home page needs to do two important things. Present the contents through punching heading and have navigation and search options to reach them.

17. Use standards.

Don’t have the notion that one will undergo a training in order to use your site. So don’t divert from the standard ways of user interface designing. If there is confusion in users in using the site and errors occur, the fault is that of the designer’s not the users.

18. Give priority for creativity.

The technology that is used for web designing is almost similar. Still even websites of so many grand companies are below the average standard. The reason is this: even though the technology is the same the success of the website depends upon the creativity of design, content creation and coding.

19. Insist for web 2.0 standard.

It has established number of standards to make your site more deep and the visitors to be able to reach the contents more easily. It offers easy ways of content readability, video integration and possibilities to connect to the public networking sites.

20. Make it visible in google, yahoo etc.

To make your site visible in the search engines like Google, yahoo your website should be "Search Engine Friendly". We analyze "CSS compliance" and give you an error free and clean CSS. A clean and error free style sheet complied with the standards will ensure higher pass through for search bots. Similar to CSS. We provide clean HTML and ensure the compliance with HTML standards. HTML should be modified to adapt various browsers. We avoid dead links and ensure custom 404 pages to keep visitors in your site. Just submission of XML sitemap to the search engines will not give you higher ranking. We analyze all aspects like page title, headers, footer, description to achieve higher ranking.

21. Question the lower prices.

It is not advisable to looks for those who charge lowest rates in the case of web designing. When the charge increases people ask questions. But we need to ask the same questions when the charge decreases. Actually you get reduced creativity from reduced charge. It is a common reality that quality is a little more expensive. After all your face to the world should have a professional look indeed.

22. Use Website Analytics to improve the performance of your website.

You analyze business similarly analyze your website as well. We will

Integrate various analytics code with your website which will give analysis of each page. Example which page attracts more visitors. Which key word is frequently used and region wise analysis. How many customers gone through more than one page? Number of visitors got bounced etc. this information will help you to improve the indexing and business performance of your website.

Who we are

Intelliblend is formed by two core groups. One group consists of programmers with more than 13 years’ experience in the industry well versed classical programming methodologies like c, c++ and web technologies like Java, PHP, My Sql, and content management platforms like Joomla, Cake PHP, Drupal and wordpress.

Another group includes creative designers with experience and expertise for more than 15 years in advertising, brand management, UI design, and various form creative designs for the IT industry. With intelliblend we want to give the best to the customers. We give a great code with a great design. With wide national and Global experience we are able to deliver the best to our customers.

Our project management, execution and delivery is highly structured and automated .we have design work flow system and a collaborative environment. This ensure faster execution and delivery.