Check Point

Check Point provides customers of all sizes with the latest data and network security protection in an integrated next generation firewall platform, reducing complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership. Whether you need next-generation security for your data center, enterprise, small business or home office, Check Point has a solution for you.

Check point 1490

Firewall 1518 byte UDP (Mbps) – 4000 ,IPS throughput (Mbps) -800,NGFW throughput (Mbps)1 – 800,Threat Prevention (Mbps)2 – 550,VPN AES-128 throughput (Mbps) -1000

Check point 3200

Firewall 1518 byte UDP (Gbps) – 4 ,IPS throughput (Gbps) -1.44 ,NGFW throughput (Gbps)1 – 1.15,Threat Prevention (Mbps)2 – 740,VPN AES-128 throughput (Gbps) -2.25

Check point 5900

Firewall 1518 byte UDP (Gbps) – 52 ,IPS throughput (Gbps) -13.5 ,NGFW throughput (Gbps)1 – 11.4,Threat Prevention (Mbps)2 – 6.75,VPN AES-128 throughput (Gbps) -10.2

Check point 15600

Firewall 1518 byte UDP (Gbps) – 76 ,IPS throughput (Gbps) -18,NGFW throughput (Gbps)1 – 17,Threat Prevention (Mbps)2 – 13.11,VPN AES-128 throughput (Gbps) -15.8