Online” facility for your existing Tally,
QuickBooks, Peachtree etc 

Work from Anywhere, Any time on your “existing” accounting software through web.
We host your existing accounting software like Tally, Peach tree, QuickBooks etc and you can access it from anywhere. All your branch offices and warehouses can access and work through the internet in real time.
You can work just like you are sitting in front of your local system. Business info at your fingertips always, even if you are travelling or at home. It gives Centralized accounting, inventory, Consolidated reports.

1. You have 3 branches and a warehouse. You want to have a full control over the sales, purchase and inventory of all the branches from the corporate office. You work on Tally or similar accounting software. How far ‘Online facility’ help you to attain this?
We help you to access QuickBooks, Tally, Peachtree or any Windows based accounting software through web. So that you can manage all your locations centrally from your corporate office. Since your software is delivered from single point you will get Centralized inventory and real time information on the stock level in your various warehouses helping your business move faster than you think. Now the whole accounting is simple.

2. What are the differences between “Cloud” hosting and “On Premise” hosting?
We can implement the “On Premises” hosting on your server in one of your office locations. Application and data is on your server. You need a PC / server with Microsoft WindowsTM Server 2008 installed and broadband internet with one static I/P address. If your system has all these factors then we can set it to go. If so we will host the same in your server. The only thing you need to take care of is the power, internet connectivity etc. You need one multiuser version of the accounting software QuickBooks, Tally, SAP B1 or your existing accounting system
In “Cloud” hosting we host it on and deliver to you. In this case you need not maintain or administer the server. We strongly recommend “Cloud hosting” than “on Premise” hosting. You can access the software 24X7 without any hazzles. In the case of “On Premise” you need to keep your server/PC switched ON for 24 hours if you want to access the system during night hours and on holidays.

3. How fast can I adopt the ‘On line System’? How long the normal work will have to be suspended for the adoption process?
Only your decision time. The only factor effects the adoption time is the amount of data to be migrated . Since it is the same software data migration is matter of one day.
Your normal work schedule has not required to be slow down for this facility adoption.

4. I am an accountant. How is it Useful for me?
You can service a client anywhere from the world. For Eg: Customer has got offices in Dubai and Singapore. You can work on it from anywhere in the world. Since it is 24 hours up you can work on it independent of geographic location and the time differences.
Since it is online you can give prompt support to the customers. Every time you are getting the updated data. You need not carry the backup, reports to the customer. You are directly working on the system.
You can save a lot of time and money. You can delegate the job more easily to your workforce and you can manage your people irrespective of their geographical locations.
Plan your profession and life better. You can respond to your customer better even when you are on a vacation. All you need is an internet connection!!!

5. If my Accounting software is hosted. Can I get an “internet storage” which is secure and always accessible?
In the “Cloud”hosting option you will get an “internet storage” which can be accessed through our control panel. The backbone of the storage is amazon s3 storage and it gives 99.99% availability. Which means your date is safe and secure. You need not worry about the system failures, data backup etc.

6. How reliable is “internet servers” and hosting?
We host on the world best cloud service providers like AmazonTM, GogridTM, Rack spaceTM etc. It gives 99.9% availability.

7. When I am hosting my data with cloud service providers like Amazon. Is it safe?
The world is moving towards cloud computing. They provide all the features to keep your data safe and secure. Since cloud is established and reliable platform there is no need of concern at all.

8. If something happens wrong with software or server, will I lose the data?
We have scheduled and automated backup management and the data is backed up in amazon S3 storage which gives 99.9999% availability. Your existing system with PC may have a maximum of 80-90% availability. If you have more affordability we can offer load balancing and failover feature for your system,

9. Since the above solution gives centralization of all our financials we would like to have document management systems as well.
The online services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google apps gives collaboration, document sharing document work flow, Email , calendaring , Task management etc. We can implement and customize the above to suit your Business and Business work flow.

10. What is the relevance of ERP system? Is there any cost effective ERP systems?
ERP is much more than a financial system. It gives complete automation to your business, it includes CRM, manufacturing, extensive inventory and logistics, Business process work flow and process map, extensive analysis and reporting features. SAP Business One and Microsoft Navision are meant for small and medium Business.

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