Expenzia - Business Management

Expenzia is a business management software that provides tools for companies to better manage their business. Expenzia is an ingenious solution for managing (as well as accounting) Sales, Purchases, Expenses, Employee advances and Reimbursements of small to mid-sized businesses. Expenzia includes an easy to use Analytics module that gives insightful comparisons and allows managers to make informed decisions.
Expenzia makes managing your business simple, easy and effective. Expenzia has been developed with utmost flexibility and functionality. And it is fully customizable to suit the unique needs of your company. Visit www.expenzia.com to learn more.

Simplest online expense capture solution –
Take photo of expense receipt on your smartphone and send it by email!!!!

We introduce simple easy to use solution to record your employee expenses using a smartphone. Your staff just need to take a photo of the expense receipt and send it to the designated company email id. Your accountant or back office person receives the expense claim and can process the claim. This supports workflow features and you can validate your staff expenses. This gives extensive reporting features and give you detailed view of your expenses.
Help your business to avoid paper receipts physically reaching the office and tedious task of indexing and approving it manually. This gives you anywhere access
Incorporates GST taxation and detailed reports on GST claims and zero rated expenses.
Export facility for reports to standard formats like XL, Pdf and XML.

Reduce expense processing time
Gives time saving in each stage. Capturing of expense receipt, Submission of the same, simplifies and reduces approval time
Offers more management control over expenses
Reports and analysis gives a complete view of the expenses.
Increase productivity
Hassle free expense claims and approvals make the life easier for employees and management and increase productivity