High Performance Computing Clusters (HPCC) helps solve some of the most challenging computational intensive tasks facing business,
educational and scientific communities. By integrating the latest advances in industry-standard servers, high speed interconnects and leading open source and commercial software, HPC clusters deliver the performance of proprietary SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) systems, with the simplicity and value of industry standard computing.

High performance computing with MATLAB

Up to 4 Terra flops of performance in a 1 U rack system with 960 cores.

Nvidia Tesla GPU computing platform

Nvidia tesla computing solutions enable energy efficient parallel computing power. With 240 cores per processor and based on the revolutionary Nvidia CUDA parallel computing architecture, Tesla scales to solve computing challenges more quickly and accurately. Mathematical computing software applications like MATLAB, Mathematica, and LabView benefit greatly by using CUDA-enabled GPUs

Tesla integrated server platform

We offer you Tesla integrated servers and workstations to your computing intensive applications. This can be offered in various forma factors such as tower, 2U and 1U.

Add performance to existing server

We offer you add on solutions as a rack side or a desk side GPU computing server to achieve additional performance to your server and workstation.

Various Vertical applications can be used with CUDA

Computational fluid dynamics, Digital content creation, Life sciences, Oil and Gas, Electronic design, Medical imaging, Signal processing.

Make your application CUDA friendly

We offer you the entire development platform and basic training to make your application CUDA friendly. The development platform includes SDK, sample codes, a standard C compiler, hardware debugger tools, and a performance profiler for simplified application development. Also you will get MATLAB plug in and GPU library for MATLAB.

Clustering with windows enterprise server Implementation

Installation and configuration of windows Enterprise server
Load balancing and fail over cluster configuration.

LINUX HPC Clustering Capabilities

High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) combines multiple Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) computer systems together with high-speed interconnects to achieve the raw-computing power of classic “big-Iron” supercomputers.These clusters work in tandem to complete a single request by dividing the work among the server nodes, reassemble the results and present them to the client as if a single-system did the work. The parallel applications running on HPC are both numeric and data intensive and require medium to high-end industry standard computing resources to fulfill today’s computational needs. Since HPC has such a strong implementation, the demand for it is growing at a tremendous speed and is becoming highly popular in all aspects.

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