Managed SAP Business One

Managed services
We manage your entire SAP Business One infrastructure. Servers, Server Operating system, Configuring the users, SQL Server Management, SAP Business One application management, customization, report Creation and dash board creation. We can also provide a high availability platform using clustering or virtualization. We also help you to host your SAP Business one at your premise or on the public cloud so that it is accessible 24X7 through web.
SAP Business One infrastructure
How to set up an environment for SAP Business one implementation
A server hard ware with preferably dual processor and at least 16 GB of RAM. You need a small NAS device to back up your data, system state, Database and application settings. A windows 2012 server operating system, SQL server 2012 as a database. Both SQL server and SAP SAB Business One application can be installed in one server instance or may be installed on two virtual machines.
High availability: If your Business can not afford down time you need to deploy one of the high availability implementation. This require two physical server so that the other can take over in case of failure. In high availability scenario it always good to look at a good storage system as well.
A reporting tool like sap crystal reports and Entry level Business intelligence platform give more value to your business. IBM Cognos or SAP xelcius give dash boarding features and analysis with good visualization.
Customization and Integration platform: If you want to have data access integration from other applications it is done through the SAP net weaver platform. Normally required in the high end implementation.
We offer SAP B1 application support. Up gradation, customization, reporting and Dash board development
We provide accounting professional, SAPB1 certified consultants on various capacities starting from data entry to report generation. We offer highly competitive rates and you can reduce your expenses drastically.
Using SAP Presentation Design we generate custom dash boards and visual analysis experience to you.
Staff augmentation services on SAP Business One
Remote installation, configuration and support services
SAP Business One training to your people on regular basis to empower your team
Why and How a SAP Business One implementation fails? How to reap good results with SAP Business One?
We have seen many of the SAP Business One implementation fails. Customers will say implementation partners offered moon and nothing was really materialized. Whereas implementation partners will say they have implemented the project according to the requirement of the customer. Real problem lies in the knowledge transfer. Challenge is meeting everybody’s expectations. The accountant will look SAP Business One as system as accounting system only and he want to settle or balance the accounts immediately in the year end. SAP Business One is Business management system and not an “accounting software”. Only if you up to date and you whole business process is mapped and current it gives good results. This not good for settling accounts “somehow” in the year end.
As a certified functional consultant I would recommend all the customers to go for a managed services model where implementation partner support the customer yearlong in all areas of SAP Business one management. It very important that a person who carries the business vision of senior management interacts regularly with the implementation team as if he is member of the team.
For every successful implementation it requires through study of the functional requirements. The issue with the customer end generally will be ad hoc methods they are using for many of their business process. It is really tough to put a system in all departments and migrate the entire team to follow those new practices. So there will be every chance that during this change process there will be huge back log and apparently system fails. It is really challenging for the customer to pass this period and reap the real Benefit of SAP Business One.
A major issue is “resistance”
Resistance starts from the entry level person. They need to input more data and it will take more time to finish one process. For example management want to track the L/C number or container details with every invoice. The implementation team will put appropriate fields and do the necessary data connections and make reports accordingly. Naturally entry level persons need to put all this data which was not there before. They do not get any real benefit only the senior management really gets the benefit as they will get appropriate reports in a single click. Another example is you want a system where you invoice should approved by senior person if the discount level is more than 25 %. Naturally if we implements the system the invoice goes to the approver where as it done “orally” or not done before. Another major issue is from the auditors they want some key data ported into their accounting software they are familiar with. They will follow the old system they are following for several years. The best practice should be doing in SAP B1 itself and it is almost mandatory. Resistance from the senior management. If you need better results you need to spend more time with the functional consultants and implementation team. You know your business better. The more you give the more you get. This will help the team to arrive at a simple smooth work flow for your business.