Dynamic CRM

Tool to Automate your Sales, Marketing and Service

Most Modern Platform, The customization in line with your business, Extensive workflow customization.

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Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Tool to Automate your Sales, Marketing and Service 

Most Modern Platform
Microsoft dynamics CRM gives you the most modern platform for your business. We help you to bring your marketing and sales processes into the system effectively. The product features marketing management, sales management and service management. All these modules are tightly integrated with modern communication methods. We analyze your business process and requirements and map them to the software system. The process in CRM is continuous. You convert lead to opportunity, opportunity to sales and you will get 360 degree view of your business. For example how many leads got converted to sales, the leads you lost etc.
Integrate with your present tools
We will integrate your present tools like MS excel, MS SharePoint, MS Outlook with CRM which will help you use the platform from day one.
The customization in line with your business
We customize the product in line with your business. We will bring new forms, filed if required. We will use even the nomenclature you are using. For example, you may use “client” in place of customer.You need to have your own vertical for your analysis and that field need to be added in your data entry form.
Extensive workflow customization
We will customize the workflow to automate most of your business. For example when a marketing person enters a lead or opportunity an email can be sent to the customer picking the address and email from the data entered. Even a complex workflow can be generated for example: when you enter a lead, the product group is selected and the lead will automatically move the product specialist along with sample proposal template.

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