Migration– Servers, Database, Applications

Most of the migrations that we see are either upgrades to larger systems or re-hosting to a new platform. Windows to Linux, mainframe to UNIX, NetWare to Windows, Windows NT to Windows 2003, SQL Server 2005 to 2008, and upgradation of lower version of application to higher etc are few of the migrations commonly known.
We are specialized in:
 Server Migration
 Database Migration
 Application Migration

Server Migration
When you buy latest servers and want to use the latest application features you need to upgrade to the latest server operation system. For example when you need to upgrade your existing Windows NT server to windows 2008 you will face several issues. The classic upgradation methods do not work. For example install NT in the new server and upgrade it. Since Windows NT sits only in the old hardware you need to think different options. Besides you need to explore the full features of the present version. Our Migration specialist gives you a comprehensive migration process for your server hardware and software platform.
CRM Migration
Our CRM migration services help you to migrate to your existing CRM to the latest Microsoft CRM 4.0 platform. The specialists will ensure an easy migration without affecting your work.
Database Migration
Your existing database needs migration to make use of the latest features. Your existing users need to be migrated and the data needs to be migrated. You need a smoother integration without affecting the present work. Our migration specialist migrate your database systems with right tools and methods without compromising your working hours. 
Navision Migration
If you are an existing user of Navision and you want to migrate from the latest Dynamics Nav. We help you to migrate to the old platform to the latest without compromising your day to day operations. If you are upgrading the present entry level financial systems to Navision you need a smoother data migration and implementation. Our Navision developers will make the right templates to migrate those data to the Dynamics NAV.

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